Our Story

Monde du Chocolat’s signature flavour combinations are the brain-child of its Founder and Chocolatier Erika Han. 


Born in Beijing, Erika immigrated to Canada in 2005 and quickly took an interest in Western cuisine, specifically the sweets and desserts that were so foreign to her Asian palate.


Erika’s interest in chocolate came from where most people’s does: eating it. 


Erika graduated with a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from University of Toronto, but always knew that food, and specifically pastry, was her true passion. 


Erika attended Chicago’s esteemed French Pastry School to develop and refine her chocolate-making technique. She began to develop what would one day become Monde du Chocolat’s trademark fusion of flavours not typically found in standard bonbons.


Placing the highest importance on purity and quality of ingredients, Monde du Chocolat uses only Valrhona Couverture Chocolate in the preparation of its confectionary. Free of additives and preservatives, it boasts both fair trade production practices and an organic designation as its features. 


Each chocolate bonbon is handmade and hand-painted by Erika, creating what is essentially an edible work of art. 


If Erika is not hard at work creating custom chocolates for some of Toronto’s finest events, you can find her obsessing over the perfect texture for her ganache, or experimenting with new and exciting flavour combinations at her studio.